Top rated tennis rising star Alexander Zverev is excited that established colleagues are commending his career achievements so far.

The recent Washington title winner is playing in Montreal where he is expected to go far.

Zverev is happy that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadalbelieve he could be world no. 1 someday. However, he acknowledges that he has to improve his game to get there.

“It’s always nice to hear stuff from Roger and from Rafa, that they think I can become the world no. 1. They know what it takes.

“A lot of journalists say: ‘He might be a world No.1, he mightbe a Grand Slam champion.’ But coming from fellow tennis players, it’s something that I see as more value because they know how to do it,” he said.

Dominic Thiem and Zverev are touted as the future of the ATP, going by their current exploits. Zverev acknowledges that both of them are talented but he adds that there is “a lot of hard work ahead.” He adds that other young players are developing as well so time would tell.

Zverev has won four titles so far: Montpellier, Munich, the ATP 1000 Masters in Rome and Washington. He says he feels comfortable playing on hard, clay and grass courts.

“I’ve been to two finals or won tournaments on every single surface. I don’t feel like I have to focus on one, like some players do French Open or Wimbledon, something like that. I feel like I have good chances on all of them,” he added.

He is proud to have done very well but says he needs to get “a lot better” to be able to lift a major title.