Serena Williams finds pleasure in other activities after being ousted from the French Open 2014

Serena Williams is apparently celebrating her life post her defeat before the fourth round from the French Open 2014. She is mingling with Caroline Wozniacki who is also ousted from the French Open 2014. On May 31 apparently Serena was sighted at the beach with Wozniacki.

The two girls seemed inseparable as they spent time at the Miami Beach and the pictures clearly showed that Serena has no inhibitions and a free spirited girl who loves to enjoy and considers loss as part and parcel of life. Serena was also spotted in a club of Miami as an undisclosed guest where Caroline Wozniacki turned DJ for the night. She also tweeted about the fun they were having both at the beach and at the club. Serena turned heads with her leopard print swimming costume in the beach and it became quite a funny incident streaming through the entire social media. Serena is an inspiration to all those women who think twice before wearing what they want to with their body weight according to leading news columnists.

Another startling incident was when both Wozniacki and Serena Williams crashed at a celeb’s wedding in that leopard print swim suit. Even this incident became as a hilarious one and considered as the greatest crash of wedding so far. She stood beside the bride and the groom taking pictures and tweeting it. She seemed extremely happy and comfortable as if she was in for a holiday. She certainly took the city with aplomb with her outrageous public display of spending time together with Wozniacki straight after crashing out from the French Open in first round itself. But she has always been very vocal and public with her appearances and pictures.