Richard Gasquet thrilled with Terrorist Events

It has not been a fantastic last two days for the French citizens. They are completely shaken by the terrorist events in the capital city of the country.

The smile seems to be far away from their faces and that’s obvious. It’s a peaceful country otherwise, France. The people over there are not quite used to such sort of stuff. So, it would take them a little longer to be able to get back in normal mental shape again.

Richard Gasquet, who also belongs to France, is feeling no different at the moment. He is equally devastated by the recent happenings, but, he wants to help his compatriots feel joyous again and he reckons he can do that by putting together some good performances on the court.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Gasquet said, “As a Frenchman and as a human being, I felt really, really sad to come to know about those events. I strongly condemn such things.”

“I am really impressed with the way the people have been trying to look after each other back home.”

“We’ve got to get over it somehow and I feel If I do well here in Australia over the next couple of weeks, some people might feel joyous again, definitely those who like to watch tennis. If I am able to do that, I would be very happy with myself because that’s one of the reasons why you play the game, to bring smile on the faces of the people.”

Gasquet has never been in the final of the Australian Open. He has actually not made it to the semis either so far. It remains to be seen what he does this time around with the extra bit of motivation that he is saying he has.