Navratilova Thinks Serena Had Other Reason For Drop Out

Martina Navratilova, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, doesn’t think that Serena Williams left her doubles match at All England Club last week because of some sort of viral infection.

The former Czech player reckons the real reason behind the withdrawal of the American superstar was something else.

Speaking to a website, Navratilova said, “Serena was not in the perfect physical and mental state, that was clear, but, I am not sure it was a viral infection. Whatever that was though, we should just hope for her quick recovery, but, I do believe the real thing hasn’t come out.”

“I saw the statement of her coach and he was like he didn’t have any idea what happened. That’s ridiculous. A coach doesn’t happen to be this irresponsible.”

“First and foremost, Serena should not have gone into the match provided the condition she was in. It seemed to be almost impossible for her to compete. She was struggling to make connection.”

Before that doubles match, Serena had been defeated by Alize Cornet of France in the Round of 3 in the singles competition and according to Navratilova, it’s the disappointment of that loss which might have taken Serena in a bad state of mind, but, if that was the case, she should have withdrawn straightaway rather than creating that sort of dramatic situation.

In the Words of Navratilova who herself won a total of 18 Grand Slam titles, “If you have an issue, you shouldn’t go out there. That’s fair enough. But, once you step out, you should try your best to get through the match. It doesn’t matter if there is something that’s hurting you from inside or you are gutted because of a defeat; you’ve got to make it through. That’s what I think.”