Richard Gasquet Improves His Ranks

This year has been challenging for Richard Gasquet.

It showed him having reached the semifinals at Wimbledon, a feat that he had not reached before. As he played to get to the last four positions he has been able to upset many major rank holders that included names like Nick Kyrgios, Grigor Dimitrov as well as Stan Wawrinka who has been a champion in the French Open. He even faced Novak Djokovic. The game ended in straight sets. It was the best run that he has had since the year 2007. That year he also managed to reach the semis. It definitely takes a lot to keep up the competitive edge and he has been able to do so nearly over a decade. Read more »

Richard Gasquet has once again come out and publicly denied the fact that he is not homosexual

Richard Gasquet has once again come out and publicly denied the fact that he is not homosexual.

Some time back, there had been rumours of Gasquet being homosexual.

He was snapped in an intimate position with one of his trainers and that had led to people making perceptions about him.

The Frenchman had denied these things at that time as well and again, last week, when he was asked the same question, he irritatingly emphasised the fact that he was totally normal gender-wise and is far away from homosexuality.

Speaking in that interview, Gasquet said, “Homosexuality is not something that I’m associated with. A lot of things have been rumoured and I don’t pay too much attention to it.”

Gasquet had been identified as a great talent as a young player along with Rafael Nadal and it was being said that these two guys would go on to dominate the World tennis for a long time.

While, Nadal has indeed been able to do that, Gasquet does not quite have the same sort of glory filled career so far. Read more »

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Lawn Tennis these days is more about power than anything else

Lawn Tennis these days is more about power than anything else. We have seen so many power players coming through in the recent times.

Somebody like Martina Navratilova who was a skilful player and did not depend that much on her power might have found it a little difficult in today’s era.

But, the Czech Republic legend, whom some sees as the greatest female player of all time, reckons that even if she had been active today, she would have found a way for herself to achieve success.

According to Navratilova, her encounter with Serena Williams, if it had taken place, would have been an absolute mouth watering prospect.

When asked what would have been her approach against Serena, Navratilova said, “I would stick to my strength and play on that only. I would probably been a little more attacking to her and disturb her rhythm, but, I would not try to match her in terms of power. I would mix my game, use different angles and depends on slices.”

“With Serena, what’s important is that you remain quick and hurry her up a little bit. I have seen in the past whenever she has come up against players who are quicker than some of the others, she has had difficulties.” Read more »

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